Operator Play That Funky Song

The phone call I had the other day took up a big part of my day. I wasn’t happy to sit on hold without anything playing in the background. I had a simple question to ask my telephone company about my service. They weren’t providing the service that we asked for when we signed up with their company. When we moved to our new home, we installed a landline that was supposed to include a long distance service because we need to make long distance calls to talk to our family that lives overseas. We’re experiencing problems communicating with our family, and the telephone company didn’t have enough people working on the weekend to listen to my concern.

I don’t have time to call to speak to a representative during the week because I work a strenuous job, and my wife doesn’t have time to call because she’s always busy with our children. I don’t want to ask her to take time away from the kids because I know they are a handful. I said that I would take care of the problem with our telephone service, but they put me on hold for over an hour. I thought they might have forgot that I was on the phone, so I did a little research by calling their company’s customer service line from another phone. I found out that the company had already closed. They put me on hold before the work day was over, but the representative I spoke to on the phone must have forgot that I was on hold when his shift ended.

I called the company back on Monday, and I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I told the supervisor how I was upset with the service I have been receiving with the home phone, and I told her about how horribly rude it was to be kept on the phone when the employees had already gone home for the day. They could have at least played some of the best on hold music to help keep me company. The line was quiet for a few moments, and the supervisor spoke in a friendly tone about how she would like to make it up to our family. She made a joke about keeping me on the line, and everything seemed to come together by the end of the call.

Our service was disconnected while they sent a new signal to our home. The service came back on in a few minutes, and we were told that we should test our phones. We made a call to our family back home, and they were excited to hear our voices. My wife was glad that I had solved the problem without her help. I felt frustrated for the rest of the weekend, but I’m thankful that the supervisor could figure out how to fix our problem. She had a kind personality, and the joke she made about not getting off the line helped smooth things over between us.